OMR Sheet

OMR sheets are specially designed & printed forms used for optical mark recognition (OMR). OMR sheets contain OMR circles or bubbles which are filled by candidate using black / blue point pen or pencil. OMR sheets are mostly used as OMR answersheet, OMR survey form, OMR application form, OMR response sheet, MCQ test sheet.

OMR Sheet Design

OMR sheets are very easy to design using SoftLogic's OMR Software. User needs to just drag & drop OMR bubbles from rich text editor to OMR sheet. User can specify no. of rows & columns for grouping & placing of OMR bubbles on OMR sheet. OMR sheet designed from SoftLogic's OMR software are automatically calibrated with OMR index points. Automatic OMR sheet calibration ensures accurate scanning & processing of OMR sheet. This is major advantage of SoftLogic's OMR software as most of the OMR softwares in market use manual calibration method which may involve human-errors while calibration & hence may result in false OMR sheet processing.

OMR Sheet Printing

SoftLogic provides professional OMR sheet printing services for educational institutes, private companies, government organizations, HR firms to cater their assessment & recruitment needs.

SoftLogic provides following types of OMR sheet printing:

  • Single color OMR sheet
  • Two color OMR sheet
  • Carbonless OMR sheet
  • Carbonless OMR sheet in duplicate
  • Carbonless OMR sheet in triplicate
  • OMR sheet with barcode printing
  • OMR sheet with litho printing
  • OMR sheet with UV printing
  • OMR Application form printing
  • OMR MCQ sheet printing
  • OMR answer sheet printing
  • OMR registration form printing
  • OMR survey form printing
  • OMR feedback form printing
  • OMR assessment sheet printing
  • OMR recruitment sheet printing
  • OMR attendance sheet printing
  • OMR process & control sheet printing
  • OMR ballot paper printing
  • OMR inventory sheet printing


OMR Sheet Scanning & Processing Services

SoftLogic provides complete OMR sheet processing solution for educational institutes, government organizations & NGOs for pre-examination & post-examination processing of entrance exams, competitive exams, recruitment exams & surveys. We undertake turn-key projects for OMR process outsourcing at lowest cost.

  • OMR application form printing
  • OMR form scanning & data extraction
  • Question paper printing
  • OMR answer-sheet designing & printing
  • OMR answer-sheet scanning after exam
  • OMR sheet processing through OMR software
  • Exam result & merit list reports in excel & PDF formats
  • Statistical & graphical analysis reports for each exam
  • Result SMS to students
  • Result display on website