OMR Scanners

SoftLogic's OMR software needs scanned images of OMR sheets which are read, evaluated & processed
by software. Scanning & software processing are two completely different processes & OMR software
doesn't need integration with scanner. Any scanner can be used for OMR sheet scanning.

OMR scanners are of two types:
1. Flatbed Scanner - scans one sheet at a time
2. ADF Scanner - scans multiple sheets at a time

For high-speed scanning, we recommend to use ADF (automatic document feeder) scanners as we can
put multiple sheets at a time in document tray. So effort of placing sheets into scanner is minimized.

SoftLogic provides following Scanners:

Kodak Scanners:

  • Kodak i 1120 (ADF, 20 PPM)
  • Kodak i 1220 (ADF, 45 PPM)

HP Scanners:

  • HP all-in-one 461 (ADF, 10 PPM)
  • HP SCANJET 7650(ADF, 12 PPM)
  • HP SCANJET N6350 (ADF, 15 PPM)
  • HP SCANJET 7800 (ADF, 25 PPM)